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Name:Ainsel Devas
Birthdate:Jan 12
Location:Leith, (Error in Linkification)

Picture credit: fotolympus on deviantArt

"The hills, they are hollow and home to the fae
Who dance on midsummer's eve
Some people don't understand when I say
These are the things that I believe." -Damh the Bard

An old Celtic legend tells of the Fairy Boy of Leith, who, every Thursday night, would disappear into the hill between Edinburgh and Leith to play drums for the faeries. However, after an encounter with a curious man, the boy disappeared, supposedly back into the hill with the fae. He was never seen again.

Until now.

That boy was Ainsel Devas.

And he has escaped the realm of the fae.

For the first time years, he walks amongst his fellow mortals... but will the life and realm of the fae call him back... permanently?

Link to the original story of the Boy of Leith: Click here

This is a roleplaying journal for entertainment purposes only. I am in no way Ainsel or his PB.
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